EdX - online courses platform

 EdX - online courses platform

What is EdX?

EdX is a massive openonline course (MOOC) platform created by Harvard University and MIT. EdX offers over 100 courses taught by top professors at leading universities around the world. These courses are free and anyone can enroll. Students learn at their own pace and can take these courses at any time. Courses range from introductory level classes to advanced graduate-level subjects and cutting-edge technologies.

How does EdX work?

The EdX platform was built using the Canvas learning management system. Students log in to the site and follow along with the instructor. Instructors upload lecture videos and assign homework. Students then watch the lectures and do the assigned exercises. When they finish, instructors mark them as completed and give them feedback. Students can view their grades and progress throughout the semester.

What's included?

- Free access to over 1,000 courses from MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Penn State, Duke, Georgia Tech, UC Irvine, UCLA, University of Washington, and many others.

- Access to the entire course catalog, including videos, quizzes, homework assignments, and forums.

- Ability to take courses offline and view them later.

- Course completion certificates.

- Unlimited access to the platform even if you're not enrolled in a course.

Why should I use EdX?

There are many reasons to use EdX. First, it's free! Second, it's flexible. You can start whenever you want and take as long as you want. Third, it's convenient. You don't have to worry about finding parking or getting lost. Fourth, it's accessible. Anyone who has internet access can participate. Finally, it's engaging. You get to interact with other people while you're studying.

What's New?

- Course catalog: You can now browse courses by subject area, instructor, institution, and date.

- Student profile: You can view your progress towards completion, review your grades, and track your learning history.

- Classroom: You can watch lectures and participate in discussions with other students.

- Discussion forums: You can ask questions and get answers from instructors and fellow students.

- Instructor feedback: Instructors can rate and comment on student work.

- Feedback: Instructors can provide feedback on student assignments and comments on discussion threads.

- Grading: Instructors can assign grades to each assignment.

- Assignment submission: Instructors can create assignments and set due dates.

- Quizzes: Instructors can add quizzes to assignments.

- Assignments: Instructors can create and grade assignments.

- Submissions: Instructors can submit assignments to the system.

Where can I find EdX courses?

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